The rake that rakes the RIGHT way

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9 Reel One Line Rake

15 Reel One Line Rake

Standard models available from 9 to 24 reel



Size     Click reel size for more info- 9 Reel 11 Reel 13 reel 15 Reel 20 Reel 24 Reel
Transport Length 8.8m (29ft) 9.8m (32ft) 11.3m (37ft) 12.8m (42ft) 16.3m (54ft) 18.9m (62ft)
Transport Width 2.5m (8ft) 2.5m (8ft) 2.5m (8ft) 2.5m (8ft) 3.4m (11ft) 3.4m (11ft)
Max Raking Width 4.5m (15ft) 5.4m (18ft) 6.4m (21ft) 7.4m (24.6ft) 9.4m (31ft) 11.6m (38ft)
Weight       (KG) 1160 1300 1500 1700 2900 3100

Note: Hydraulic lift is standard on all "One-Liner" rakes.
Hydraulic Rear Steering is standard on 11,13,15,20 & 24 reel models

Standard rakes may be customised by adding the following options:

  • Hydraulic hand pump

"Built Strong to Last Long"